John was born in Durham City, England, and was educated at Hertford university where he graduated with a degree in Engineering.

After graduation, John embarked on a career in the automotive design industry. Combining work with a passion for travel has taken him on his own Phineas Fogg adventure, lasting slightly more than the eighty days referenced in the title to Jules Verne's novel.

John's interest in story manifested itself with the discovery of Enid Blyton and her famous five novels. The feeling of pure escapism that each story brought has never left him, and is one of the drivers in pursuing his own writing career. Whilst John believes story comes from within, he believes that to fully develop story, like any other craft, needs study and dedication. John has enriched his craft by studying at the Gotham writers academy, the London Film Academy and by utilising the services of fellow writers at 'The Shed', a literary critique and online support service.

A good writer is an expert on nothing except himself. And on that subject, if he is wise, he holds his tongue. Nothing that I write is authentic. It is the stuff of dreams, not reality.

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John's work focuses on crime with a heavy dose of noir, and has been described as cinematic in its descriptive framework. A heavy influence of American crime writers: James Ellroy, Elmore Leonard and Robert B Parker have shaped prose structure.

As well as a heavy visual influence, all of John's novels start with a soundtrack that helps him in enriching the atmosphere.

Outside of writing, John has a long term association with motorsports, having attended his first motorsport event at the age of six months. (Not on his own though) this compounded itself into a brief foray into the professional race circuit.

John also enjoys sports, participating in triathlon, and as age advances has become an avid watcher - especially of American football - Detroit Lions, and English rugby – Harlequins, and England. This has, in turn, led to a rapid expansion in the number of television sets incumbent in his home, and has proved a decisive role acting as peacekeeper in the Kennedy household.

John currently resides in Newport Beach, California… There are worse places to live.


Listening to

  • Pearl Jam


  • Our kind of traitor – John le Carre
  • The one from the other – Philip Kerr
  • GQ


  • NFL
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • It's always sunny in Philidelphia


Sport, the ocean, sun, interesting people, wine and chats, Pain au chocolate, Detroit Lions, Detroit Redwings, Paul smith clothing, Ardbeg whiskey