February 2017

  • Bishop E16 to SW3

    Bishop E16 to SW3

    Do you have a penchant for great suits, great music? Fancy yourself as a hipster? Whilst you're singing I'm a dedicated follower of fashion, by the Kinks, James Bishop is out to make a name for himself. London's  criminal elite, the Krays, are out, Heroin is in...

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October 2016

  • Official website launched

    Official website launched

    Welcome to the online home of author John D Kennedy. John is the author of the James Bishop and Quinn Tempest-Stewart series of novels.

    At last it's here. The brutality of writing, editing, making pictures, re-editing, swearing, drinking and the general craziness one needs to write a book has manifested itself into this - a bonafide website, and aint she perty.

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